Young Voices Shaping EU’S Digital Future – online high-level panel by Instrat and European Horizons

Young Voices Shaping EU'S Digital Future

Young Voices Shaping EU'S Digital Future

Sierpień 12, 2020@4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Young Voices Shaping EU'S Digital Future - online high-level panel by Instrat and European Horizons

For this high-level panel organized online, a thought-provoking program of free debate exploring the latest ideas behind issues which are central to our times have been put together. Bringing experts, students, and European perspectives together, the Instrat Foundation, prominent progressive Polish think tank, and European Horizons.


YOUNG VOICES SHAPING EU’S DIGITAL FUTURE will engage audiences in open debate on the new future unfolding in the European and digital fields, as well as in our political frames of discussion. We will look at the major issues governing our times, from the Digital Single Market to e-commerce and GDPR regulations.

This high-level online panel with gather:

🔴 Philipp Rombach, Germany, European Horizons Director of Policy and MSc in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

🔴 Emilia Michałuszko, Poland, Head of European Horizons at University of Warsaw, BA student in Law and Finance.

🔴 Diane Forey, France, European Horizons – Sciences Po, MA student in French and Common Law.

🔴 Jan J. Zygmuntowski, Poland, Chairman of the Board at Fundacja Instrat and Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego – Kozminski University PhD candidate.

🔴 William Echikson, Brussels, Associate Senior Research Fellow and Head of Digital Forum at Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS).

🔴 Jan Penfrat, Brussels, Senior Policy Advisor, European Digital Rights – EDRi

🔴 Moderator: Karolina Zbytniewska, Editor-in-Chief at, Marie Curie European Fellow in political science.

The European Union’s digital strategy is today the second most important area of our continent’s development, alongside with the European Green New Deal. ICT has become a general-purpose technology, affecting all other sectors and fundamentally changing our societies. At the same time, such a dynamic pace of development of the digital economy has led to an accumulation of issues: lack of flexibility and proper law enforcement, negative social consequences, growing inequalities, as well as the monopolization of markets and privatization of digital public space.

In setting a digital future for Europe, we aim to propose principles and measures that will allow the socially beneficial development of new technologies on the continent.

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