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Immunion 16-05-2022

Prof. Krzysztof Pyrć: We need reliable and honest communication on pandemic issues [INTERVIEW]

The COVID-19 pandemic, as we know it, has become a secondary concern. However, the virus is here to stay, says professor Krzysztof Pyrć, a virologist from the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.
Immunion 28-04-2022

Ukrainian refugees in Poland entitled to preventive vaccinations

Yet many do not wish to exercise this right.
Vaccination set
Immunion 17-03-2022

Vaccine hesitancy – not as new phenomenon as one might expect

Vaccine hesitancy draws back to long before the current anti-vaxxers movements.
Novavax, szczepionka
Immunion 30-12-2021

Nuvaxovid: The EU authorises its fifth COVID-19 vaccine, but lacks data on its efficiency against the Omicron variant

The European Commission has granted a conditional marketing authorisation (CMA) for the COVID‑19 vaccine Nuvaxovid, which is already the fifth vaccine approved for use in the EU.
szczepionka, szczepienie
Immunion 28-12-2021

Countries mull mandatory COVID-19 vaccination, but worry about ethics and potential results

Numerous European governments are considering following Austria's example, but fear of increasing vaccine hesitancy, political losses and accusations of violating human rights.
COVID-19-pandemia-vaccination campaign-Israel-Omikron-mRNA-EMA-Africa-fauci
Immunion 10-12-2021

Booster vaccination speeds up. Data from Israel prove its effectiveness

The example of Israel shows that a third dose enhances significantly the level of protection from COVID-19.
Stella Kyriakides: Vaccination is the most effective way to end the pandemic
Zdrowie 21-11-2021

Commissioner Stella Kyriakides: Vaccination is the most effective way to end the pandemic

What is the EU doing to build a sustainable and resilient health professional workforce? What is next for the EU on the health agenda?
Stella Kyriakides, fot. Twitter
Immunion 20-11-2021

Commissioner Stella Kyriakides on COVID-19 and vaccination: We need to trust science! [PODCAST]

Vaccination is the most effective way to end the pandemic and get back to a normal life, says Stella Kyriakides, EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety.
Immunion 06-08-2021

Combatting vaccination mistrust requires hearing from different voices [INTERVIEW]

We are not homogeneous in our views, and the pandemic has also made people express their health choices in visible ways, says Pia Vuolanto, project coordinator of VAX-TRUST project.
Immunion 19-06-2021

How to fight with vaccine hesitancy? [INTERVIEW]

The biggest issue is that people are scared because they do not have enough knowledge to understand how vaccines work, says Chiara Močnik Pegan from European Medical Students' Association.
Immunion 04-05-2021

Which vaccinations are mandatory in EU member states? Country-by-country analysis

The countries' vaccination schedules determine when patients should be vaccinated against a given disease and which vaccinations are compulsory for which group.
Immunion 26-04-2021

IMMUNION: Promoting vaccination uptake across the EU

IMMUNION will contribute to and complement wider EU vaccination efforts through delivering better education to health professionals and better information to the general public.