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Immunion 18-03-2022

Protection from COVID-19 without a jab? Trial results of inhaled vaccine show promise

Instead of being poked with a needle, inhaling a little bit of aerosol – that’s how getting vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus could soon look like.
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Immunion 31-01-2022

Poland becomes a COVID vaccine producer

The production of a key ingredient necessary for the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine has begun in Konstantynów Łódzki in Poland.
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Immunion 27-01-2022

„New” vs. „old” disease: COVID-19 slowed progress on treating tuberculosis in Africa

"The COVID-19 pandemic’s disruption to health services has seen an increase in tuberculosis deaths in Africa, the first such rise in more than a decade," alarms WHO Africa.
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Immunion 28-12-2021

Countries mull mandatory COVID-19 vaccination, but worry about ethics and potential results

Numerous European governments are considering following Austria's example, but fear of increasing vaccine hesitancy, political losses and accusations of violating human rights.
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Immunion 30-11-2021

Polio: A forgotten disease returns. Is a new pandemic a real threat?

Poliomyelitis is developing new cases in Asia, Africa and even Europe. How the once practically eradicated disease become a danger again?
Stella Kyriakides, fot. Twitter
Immunion 20-11-2021

Commissioner Stella Kyriakides on COVID-19 and vaccination: We need to trust science! [PODCAST]

Vaccination is the most effective way to end the pandemic and get back to a normal life, says Stella Kyriakides, EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety.
Immunion 31-10-2021

COVID-19 and seasonal flu: Will the pandemic prompt more people to get jabbed against influenza?

The ECDC has recently warned that Europe's elderly could be facing a difficult flu season, which in combination with the next pandemic wave may lead to severe health consequences.
Immunion 06-08-2021

Combatting vaccination mistrust requires hearing from different voices [INTERVIEW]

We are not homogeneous in our views, and the pandemic has also made people express their health choices in visible ways, says Pia Vuolanto, project coordinator of VAX-TRUST project.
Immunion 01-08-2021

Millions of children due to COVID-19 pandemic not vaccinated against other dangerous diseases

At least 23 million children worldwide did not receive the required routine vaccinations.

Coronavirus tests per million inhabitants in European countries

Number of coronavirus tests per million inhabitants in Europe and selected countries from all over the world - UPDATED DAILY
Immunion 22-04-2021

What’s the difference between COVID-19 vaccines? Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson

The European Commission has so far approved four vaccines for use throughout the European Union that provide immunity to the disease-causing COVID-19 coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.
Prezydent Rosji Władimir Putin i premier Węgier Viktor Orban
Demokracja 10-03-2021

How COVID-19 influenced the media sector? Focus on Poland, Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia, Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine

Citizens in Central and Eastern Europe experienced a flush of fake news and conspiracy theories that were blooming online, because of the lack of institutional gatekeeping and proper editorial oversight present in established outlets.