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Coronavirus tests per million inhabitants in European countries – daily update

Number of coronavirus tests per million inhabitants in Europe and selected countries from all over the world - UPDATED DAILY
Zdrowie 04-05-2021

Which vaccinations are mandatory in EU member states? Country-by-country analysis

The countries' vaccination schedules determine when patients should be vaccinated against a given disease and which vaccinations are compulsory for which group.
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Coronavirus: 149 companies worldwide compete in a race to find vaccine

The list of all the companies and instituties that take part in the race to find vaccine against coronavirus
Koronawirus w organizmie, Źródło: Unsplash, fot. CDC

Coronavirus: Which European countries introduced the state of emergency?

We prepared a list of European countries that introduced the state of emergency, as well as of these which haven’t. Portugal has joined the group without the state of emergency  as it was lifted there on May 2. The list...
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Number of hospital beds per thousand inhabitants

An extensive summary of the number of hospital beds and beds in intensive care units per capita in Europe and selected countries of the world.