Poland: No country for LGBT+ people? Interview with an LGBT activist Bart Staszewski // PODCAST

Strefa wolna od lgbt - naklejki, źródło youtube

Strefa wolna od lgbt - naklejki, źródło youtube

LGBT-ideology-free zones are municipalities and regions in Poland that have declared themselves unwelcoming of an alleged LGBT ideology. There are approximately 80 such zones called by Ursula von der Leyen „humanity free zones for which there is no place in our Union”.

In this episode, the editor-in-chief of EURACTIV Poland, Karolina Zbytniewska talks with LGBT+ activist Bart Staszewski about his project of signposting communes as LGBT-free zones in protest against homophobia. Bart will present the political background of his activity and explain the overall situation of LGBT+ people in Poland.

The podcast was prepared by EURACTIV.pl’s Joanna Jakubowska and it is available on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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