Disinformation In/Against the EU. How Fake News Becomes the News?

EURACTIV Poland had the pleasure to organize an online conference titled „Disinformation IN/AGAINST the EU. How fake news becomes the news?”.

Together with the best experts, we discussed the impact of disinformation on the functioning of the political structures of the European Union and currently available instruments to combat the negative effects of this phenomenon. What is more, we looked closer at specific strategies for combating the spread of disinformation and fake news in Europe.

  • RADOSŁAW SIKORSKI – Member of European Parliament, Former Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • CLAES DE VREESE – Chair of Political Communication at The Amsterdam School of Communication Research, Member of the Advisory Team at EDMO
  • THOMAS GRANDJOUAN – Advocacy Coordinator, EU DisinfoLab
  • KRISZTINA STUMP – Head of the Media Convergence and Social Media Unit in DG CNECT, European Commission
  • JULIANE VON REPPERT-BISMARCK – Founder and CEO at Lie Detectors


  • KAROLINA ZBYTNIEWSKA – Editor-in-chief of EURACTIV Poland

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