The Union of hope and uncertainty? One year of the pandemic in the EU [INTERVIEW]


We are at the highest level of the positive image of the European Union since the last economic crisis in 2008. The image of the EU is consistently rising up, says Philipp Schulmeister, Head of Public Opinion Monitoring Unit in the European Parliament.


The latest Eurobarometer survey released on the 3rd of June looks at how citizens view the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and the actions taken by the EU to tackle them. Most Europeans expect the EU institutions to focus on issues such as public health, fighting poverty, and supporting the economy in the face of the crisis.

In this interview, Philipp Schulmeister, Head of Public Opinion Monitoring Unit in the European Parliament looked closely at the results of the survey and explained its prominent role in shaping the EU’s policy.

The interview was conducted by Karolina Zbytniewska, the editor-in-chief of EURACTIV Poland.

This episode was prepared and published by Joanna Jakubowska.

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