How to fight with vaccine hesitancy? [INTERVIEW]

How to fight with the vaccine hesitancy? Interview with Chiara Močnik Pegan [for. Unsplash] []

The biggest issue is that people are scared because they do not have enough knowledge to understand how vaccines work. That is mostly the source of distrust in the medical field, says Chiara Močnik Pegan from the European Medical Students’ Association. 

The European Medical Students Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organization representing medical students all across Europe. It is for “medical students who want more”, says Chiara Močnik Pegan.

In this interview, the European Medical Students Association’s Coalition for Vaccination Program Coordinator highlights the best tools to fight vaccine hesitancy and the overall approach of young people towards the vaccination program.

The interview was conducted by Martyna Kompała, a journalist at EURACTIV Poland.

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The interview was conducted as part of IMMUNION project / Wywiad jest częścią projektu IMMUNION.


Ten projekt jest współfinansowany przez program Unii Europejskiej w dziedzinie zdrowia (2014-2020) / 
This project is co-funded by the European Union’s Health Programme 2014-2020.