Building vaccine confidence [INTERVIEW]

Building vaccine confidence

Building vaccine confidence [Photo via Canva]

Overall, the key issue in vaccine hesitancy is understanding that it is not a new phenomenon, says Pia Vuolanto, Senior Research Fellow at the Tampere University Institute for Advanced Social Research and the project coordinator of the EU-funded research project VAX-TRUST.




The VAX-TRUST project aims to investigate vaccine indecision as a social phenomenon and help European healthcare workers cope with it. “We need to take vaccine hesitancy seriously on many societal levels and analyse where is this lack of trust coming from, and which societal actors are not trusted, and also how we could prevent deepening of distrust”, says Pia Vuolanto.

In this interview, we discuss the problem of vaccine hesitancy both among patients and health care professionals. We also talk about the influence of the media and COVID-19 on vaccine confidence.

The interview was conducted by Kinga Wysocka, a journalist at EURACTIV Poland.

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The interview was conducted as part of IMMUNION project / Wywiad jest częścią projektu IMMUNION.


Ten projekt jest współfinansowany przez program Unii Europejskiej w dziedzinie zdrowia (2014-2020) /  This project is co-funded by the European Union’s Health Programme 2014-2020.