Disinformation during pandemic: How can the Visegrad countries combat it successfully?

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"Combating disinformation, regardless of where it's coming from, requires building certain awareness, but also the skills for the citizens to be able to recognize it" [fot. Canva]

Russia and China, as well as Iran to a certain extent, used the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to interfere into democratic discourse and to present themselves as internationally responsible actors, while at the same time undermining democracy’s capacity to tackle the pandemic effectively – said Nad’a Kovalčíková, a program manager and fellow at the Alliance for Securing Democracy in GMF’s Brussels office.


Disinformation erodes trust in institutions and in digital and traditional media and harms our democracies by hampering the ability of citizens to take informed decisions. It can polarise debates, create or deepen tensions in society and undermine electoral systems, and have a wider impact on European security.

In this interview conducted by Aleksandra Krzysztoszek, Nad’a Kovalčíková from the Alliance for Securing Democracy in GMF’s Brussels office explains how to build an effective control disinformation system, what should it be based on and what lessons can the Visegrad Group learn from the pandemic when it comes to the need to combat disinformation.

This episode was prepared by Paulina Borowska and Joanna Jakubowska.

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