Europe towards the challenges in providing cybersecurity

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Event report - CYBERSEC 2022 [via Canva]

Is Europe secure in the face of cyberattacks? Will IT companies be able to comply with EU regulations? We could hear the answers to these and many other questions from the representatives, who influence the structure of cyber security, during the CYBERSEC 2022 event organized by the Kosciuszko Institute.

In the face of current cyber threats, Europe has to deal with new challenges in keeping their citizens secure. During CYBERSEC 2022, new cyber security solutions were discussed, such as the NIS 2 Directive introduced by the European Union to prevent any kind of attacks in the cyber space. Moreover, with the Ukraine-Russia tension and the upcoming invasion, we may expect increasing numbers of hybrid attacks, which was mentioned during the opening ceremony of the event.

The Event Report includes all the major conclusions drawn from the event, which was CYBERSEC 2022. Certainly provides answers to questions raised in the cybersecurity sector, but also initiated new, previously untouched theses.

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