Coronavirus: Which European countries introduced the state of emergency?

Coronavirus / Koronawirus. Source: Unsplash, fot. CDC

Coronavirus / Koronawirus. Source: Unsplash, fot. CDC

We prepared a list of European countries that introduced the state of emergency, as well as of these which haven’t. Portugal has joined the group without the state of emergency  as it was lifted there on May 2. The list is constantly updated.


Countries WITH the state of emergency:

EU: Belgium, Bulgaria (until 13 May), Cyprus, Czechia (until 14 May), Estonia (until 17 May), Finland, Hungary, Italy, Latvia (until 9 June), Lithuania (until 11 May), Luxembourg, Romania (until 15 May when it will be exchanged for the „state of alert”), Slovakia (until 12 June), Spain (until 24 May)

non-EU: Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine


Countries WITHOUT the state of emergency (but with emergency measures/state of epidemics – apart from Sweden and Belarus): 

EU: Austria, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands, Poland,  Portugal (the only state that already LIFTED state of emergency that was in place until May 2), Slovenia, Sweden

non-EU: Belarus, Iceland, Kosovo, Montenegro, Norway, UK